Life With Airocide

Allergy Sufferer

Relief from airborne allergy, mold, and chemical sensitivity triggers.

Health Enthusiast

Clear the air. Feel and sleep better than ever before.

New Baby

Protect your newborn/children from harmful airborne toxins.

Pet Lover

Destroy pet dander and the odors that often come with it.

A New Approach To Air Purification.

Imagine a product that could bring fresh air to your home and into your life.

Airocide; Developed by NASA and approved by the FDA. Current users, report their “air feels different” or it just “smells cleaner”. And many notice that difference in just a few days. Better still, people experience fewer sleepless nights, reduced redness in the eyes, no more stuffiness in the morning and in some cases almost total relief from allergy and respiratory issues — all that simply because Airocide has been able to reduce or completely remove the external cause of those issues, harmful organic airborne particles.

Now, imagine a product that does all this without the use of filters or conventional air purification thinking.

Instead, it relies on advanced and proven, science – with the ability to eliminate even the smallest airborne organic matter and gases you can’t see; rather than just trapping the big particles you can see. At Airocide, we believe the reason your filter-based air purifier hasn’t helped you feel better isn’t because it’s not working – it’s because it just wasn’t engineered to eliminate the things that are the real triggers of your problem.

Let us show you how Airocide can help you.

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