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Technology licensed from NASA.”
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“The Complete Air Cleaner”
“A space-age air purifier? That’s fresh.”
“The Airocide had improved her breathing.”
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“Optimize, simplify, clean and beautify your home”
“I am waking up much less congested in the morning”
“It is great to know that I can come into my home and breath easy.”
“We definitely noticed a difference, especially in allowing Ethan to sleep through the night.”
“The air just feels fresher and crisper”
“Thumbs up!”
“I can breathe clearly now”
“As a mother there is nothing more important to me than what is going into my daughters body.”
“We can honestly say that we see a big improvement”
“Since I set it up, it (eczema) has almost totally healed (with no fancy lotions or medicine)”
“This device sticks out…in a good way”
“I’m doing to help my daughter feel better”
“We feel healthier”
“I saw improvement in less than two weeks”
"The Airocide is response to a problem in space.”
“May 2013’s Hottest Gadgets”
“Gear up for the 2013 allergy season. Michael Freedman CEO of Airocide, on ways to help you this allergy season.”
“The Daily Buzz to discuss the 2013 allergy season and offered great tips to allergy proof your home.”
“We all want to live in a safe and clean environment, especially when it comes to your family.”
“An air purifier the pros have been relying on for years.”
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“No chemicals or harmful gasses and atmosphare”
“Airocide: NASA’s Answer To the Home Air Purifier”
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“Arted-up air purifier.”
“Airborne household allergens and mold.”
“Clearer air with a sharp design.”
“Serious air purifier.”
“Near-rocket science technology.”
“Neutralizes indoor air pollution.”
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“Neutralizes biological pollutants.”
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“Designed for the Space Station.”
“Protects government employees form Anthrax.”
“Lethal for airborne nastiness.”

Customer Testimonials


Airocide User, Dubai

“Working in the air conditioning field, I know that just by installing a High Efficiency Particulate Filter (HEPA Filter) technology product in my house cannot filter the smaller molecules and disease causing viruses, bacteria and allergens. A filter product will work well for bigger dust particles. Moreover, due to the accumulation of dust in the filter over a period of time, it can be a breeding ground for disease causing germs. Only germicidal ultraviolet lamps can kill these germs to a larger extend.

I came across the product Airocide accidently few days back while browsing the internet for a good air purifier product. Was impressed by its technology. It has got a germicidal UV light and a catalyst chamber with titanium dioxide which fights against common household allergens including bacteria and viruses. Moreover it is filter less so you don’t need to clean the filters quite often.

Airocide has considerably improved the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of my house. I would recommend the product to all who love their family and want to have good Indoor Air Quality”.


Airocide User, Abu Dhabi

“We are using two units of Airocide air purifier in the living room and bedroom. My wife suffers from dust allergies. I must say she has had no allergy reaction since we started using Airocide at our house. Overall we are very happy with the product.”


Airocide User, Ras Al Khaimah

“I have been using airocide from two years, as of now there is no indication for chamber replacement. Sent for general service, unit has been thoroughly tested and serviced.  It is working fine. I was using the unit only during night time, service team advised to use 24/7 for effective result. Now I can feel the difference. Thank you team Airocide.”